*What if I’m not satisfied with the service?
If you are unhappy with any area we’ve cleaned, we apologize to you and we’ll return the next day and re-clean it.

*Is Janet Cleaning insured and bonded?
Yes, we carry bonded and liability insurance to protect you and will cover any damage we make accidentally when we are working.

*Can I get the same crew each time?
Yes, same crew of two professional house cleaners will be at each visit. These two maids will be familiar with your house. If a maid is sick, be assured that another professional will replace her for the cleaning.

*Do you provide cleaning supplies and equipment?
We provide all regular cleaning products and equipment. If you have a special product that you would like for us to use, please, just let us know. The only thing we would like to request from you if you agree is half a roll of paper towels.

*How much will it cost to clean my house or apartment?
We are a small company and our goal is to give you a very reasonable price. Our prices will always be lower than other big companies or franchises because we don’t spent a lot of money doing expensive advertising on TV, magazines, and newspapers. In fact, our prices are typically lower than individually working house cleaners.

*Can I change the schedule?
Just give us a call two or three days in advance and we’ll reschedule for the best day for you at no extra cost.

*Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

If you wish to be present during the cleaning, it does not bother us.  Most of our clients prefer not to be home; they prefer to give us a key. Please review checkbook.org and you will see the working standards of our services.

*What happens if one of the maids has an accident and hurts herself inside my house?
Don’t worry; we are covered for workers compensation policy.

*How will our relationship work?
We are really flexible. Communication is very important for any relationship including ours. We must earn your trust during every visit. We’ll always let you know everything that happens in your house. No contracts to be signed, no hassle.
We have the best customer service that you will ever see. We will respond to your questions immediately or we will apologize if we make some mistake, but you will always have a solution from Janet Cleaning.

*What are your hours of operation?

We provide our cleaning services Monday through Friday between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M., Saturday can be discussed with our office manager.

*How do you protect my keys?
Your key is secured in a good place. All keys are labeled with only a name; no addresses or full names. In the unlikely event your key is lost, we’re insured for key replacement and re-keying your locks.

*Do you allow tipping for the team members?
We never require tipping, but is a great way to say thank you to your team members. If you do choose leave a tip, please leave extra cash on the check.

*Do you use bleach during cleaning?
Janet Cleaning  does not  provide bleach. If the use of bleach is requested, it must be supplied by the homeowner and the homeowner accepts all responsibility for any damage the bleach may cause.

*Can I hire a Janet Cleaning employee directly?
No. We dedicate much of our time and money in properly training our employees. This training is a valuable investment that we make with everyone of our employees. If one of our employees were to leave us and accept direct payment from one of our clients, then not only would we lose the client and the employee, but we would also lose the investment we made in training that employee. To prevent this from happening, all of our employees sign a contract in which they agree to not offer their direct services to or accept any offers from our clients while they currently employed with Janet Cleaning and within the first year of their leaving of Janet Cleaning if they choose to resign. If a client decides to personally hire one of our employees, the client is accepting to pay Janet Cleaning a fee of $2,500 as compensation for the lost resources used in training the outgoing employee. This fee of $2,500 is to be paid immediately after Janet Cleaning is notified of the situation.